Lock-down measures in a German region where hundreds of Coronavirus instances sprung up in a slaughterhouse and news that the world’s top-ranked tennis player has been infected gave a reminder to Europeans on Tuesday that the pandemic is far from gone.

Meanwhile, Britain, which has listed the most Coronavirus-related deaths in Europe, pressed on with its easing of the lock-down by confirming that hair salons, bars, restaurants, and cinemas can reopen on July 4.

By comparison, Germany was reimposing some restrictions in North Rhine-Westphalia state thousands of family members and workers were placed into quarantine to attempt and halt the outbreak and after more than 1,550 people have tested positive for Coronavirus at the Toennies slaughterhouse.

On Tuesday, North Rhine-Westphalia Gov. Armin Laschet said individuals in Guetersloh and portions of a neighboring county will now face the very same restrictions that Germany saw in March and April, including curbs on social gatherings and pub closures.

“The objective is to calm the situation, to expand testing to establish whether the virus has spread outside the employees of Toennies,” Laschet stated.

Laschet expressed frustration saying authorities had to order Toennies to release its employees’ names.

Union officials have blamed poor living and working conditions that migrant workers faced under a sub-contractor that was loosely regulated.

Word of the disease of Novak Djokovic illustrated that there’s very little room for complacency in doing what’s necessary to beat back the disease. The world’s number one tennis player said he and the Coronavirus contracted after he played in a series of exhibition matches he organized in Croatia and Serbia with zero distancing.

The announcement by Djokovic who stands third in men’s tennis history with 17 Grand Slam titles has put into question the wisdom of a full-fledged return of tennis, including the U.S. Open in August.

The Serb tennis star is the fourth player to test positive for the illness after participating in the games held in Belgrade and Zadar, Croatia.

“Regrettably, this virus is still present, and it is a new reality that we are still learning to cope with and live with,” Djokovic said in a statement released Tuesday.

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a major rollback of lock-down measures which will allow millions in England back into hair salons, and bars, cinemas, churches starting. The move came amid strong pressure from businesses to ease social rules that were distancing.

Pubs and restaurants wanted the government to decrease its social distancing needs in half to 1 meter (3 feet) between people indoors and said many businesses would not have the ability to survive without the change.

However, some scientists worried that the move is too hasty since measures like a system to stamp out any outbreaks are in place.

“This is far too early,” said David King, a former chief scientific adviser to the government. “To come out of (lock-down) too early is very risky.”

The World Health Organization says that the pandemic is still in its ascendancy.

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