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Since our founding in early 2020, at the onset of the current pandemic, Sethi Laboratories has been at the cutting edge of delivering laboratory services and products at affordable rates. Communicating our message on a local, regional, and national scale is at the forefront of insuring not only our success, but our partners as well.

Lights. Camera. Testing.

 Working to inform the press and therefore the general public in general is proving to be a useful and necessary venture to ensure everyone understands the value and ad value Sethi Laboratories brings to todays ever-changing market. From TV, web content, social media, print and more, we strive to help the press understand our narrative of providing testing, medical supplies, and laboratory services at affordable pricing with scalable deployment. 

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Our focus here at Sethi Laboratories is getting quality medical products to patients and professionals for better prices.


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Better Products. Better Prices. For Independent Medical Professionals.

We believe that healthcare is not simply a privilege but a human right, which is why we have teamed up with some of the best international manufacturers to bring you and your organization health products and devices for a fraction of the market price. For every healthcare professional, we want to bring the same integrity to each agreement we come to. 

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