Founded with the commitment to disrupt the current lab / medical field, Sethi Laboratories is positioned to provide cutting edge services at below market prices to provide the level of care your patients expect.

Our focus here at Sethi Laboratories is getting quality medical products to patients and professionals for better prices.



Better Products. Better Prices. For Independent Medical Professionals.

We believe that healthcare is not simply a privilege but a human right, which is why we have teamed up with some of the best international manufacturers to bring you and your organization health products and devices for a fraction of the market price. For every healthcare professional, we want to bring the same integrity to each agreement we come to. 


Our Guiding Principles

Identify, Heal and Restore

To help patients and professionals identify, heal, and restore humanity through the research, and sale of medical devices and products.

Keep The Lights On

Making a fair profit to maintain the pipeline for efficient access for patients and professionals.

Research and Access

To continuously research new devices and medical tech that can efficiently make a difference for treatments, and to bring them to any person in personal or professional need.

Responsibility, Citizenship, And Diversity

Maintain a company culture that is inclusive to everyone, keep our operations from harming the environment, and establishing trust among the public and the government.

Maintain The Greatest Possible Reliability And Quality

Not only in our products but also in service; to be acknowledged as a company of integrity and responsibility.

Value Our Employees

Keep our employees and our networks safe and valued.  We are so grateful for them and everything they’ve done.


Leading Sethi Laboratories

Sameer Sethi Transparent

Sameer Sethi


Sameer has worked in a number of industries being a successful venture capitalist including real estate, petroleum, medical devices, beauty products, and pharmaceuticals.

Rob Morgan Transparent

Rob Morgan, CFA

Director Market Strategy​

After being the Chief Investment Officer for a number of financial companies Rob now appears periodically on national media outlets to discuss economic and market topics.

Julie Martinez


After receiving her Bachelors, Julie went on to work in Public Relations for the Richards Group. She then went on to manage a number of financial agencies working with numerous accredited investors for investments in energy, real estate, and stocks.


Providing The Medical Industry With The Highest Quality Supplies


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