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Disinfectant Exposures for the Coronavirus

A preschool-aged child was found unresponsive at home and transported to the ED via ambulance. A 64-ounce jar of ethanol-based hand sanitizer was found open on the table. According to her loved ones, she became dizzy after eating an unknown amount, fell and hit her head. She vomited while being hauled to the ED, where she was poorly responsive. Her blood-alcohol amount was raised at 273 mg/dL (most state laws define a limitation of 80 mg/dL for driving under the influence); neuroimaging did not signify traumatic accidents.

The findings in this report are subject to at least two limitations. To begin with, NPDS data likely underestimate the entire prevalence and severity of poisonings, as they are limited to individuals calling poison facilities for assistance. Secondly, data on the direct attribution of these exposures to attempts to prevent or cure COVID-19 are not accessible NPDS. Even though a causal association cannot be demonstrated, the timing of those reported ailments corresponded to improved media coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, reports of consumer deficits of cleanup and disinfection products, and also the beginning of a state and local stay-at-home orders.

Exposures to cleaners and disinfectants reported to NPDS increased appreciably in early March 2020. Associated with the greater use of cleaners and disinfectants is the chance of improper use, such as using more than directed on the label, mixing multiple chemical goods together, not wearing protective equipment, and implementing in densely populated areas. To reduce improper use and prevent unnecessary chemical mishaps, users must always read and follow directions on the tag, only use water at room temperature for dilution (unless stated otherwise on the tag ), avoid mixing compound products, wear skin and eye protection, ensure adequate ventilation, and shop chemicals out of the reach of children.

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