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Coronavirus Deaths in Mexico Rise Past 30,000

Mexico reached 30,000 COVID-19 deaths overtaking France as the country since the Coronavirus outbreak started.

Officials reported 523 more confirmed deaths bringing the total of the nation. The total of Mexico confirmed infections rose with Spain.

Saturday, about 200 street sellers blocked big avenues to demand they be permitted to the market amid the pandemic.

The downtown’s sidewalks are crowded with vendors who put their wares out on blankets or cable racks. But the town closed companies to stem the spread of the Coronavirus and has banned such trade that was casual.

Officials had allowed a reopening of downtown but virus cases continue to climb, following a lack of measures were reported at a few shops, but they reversed course. Many shops supply the essential pads or sanitizer gel or didn’t lessen the amount of customers, When clients and employees wore some kind of face mask.

The strategy that was reopening required the involvement of the public, the authorities and shop owners, and Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said it would be rethought.

The change in the downtown area did not affect plans in other areas of the city.

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