Automated Analysis Toxicology Reporting

Automated Analysis in Toxicology Screens

Drug abuse is an international health problem which incurs costs, both to humans and the law.

In a lot of countries, programs and legal sentences have been created to help drug users in returning to society as a responsible and healthy person and escaping their addiction. Drug screening is a crucial element for tracking compliance of these programs.

Automated testing is more efficient and decreases. A fully automated process that follows from a chain of custody to testing and simple reporting of results is the best evidence-based system provided for testing.

A key element of these programs is lively testing with participant monitoring and electronic reporting. The main aim is to make participants more successful when completing drug court programs.

Daily and weekly checks are completed utilizing controls and calibrators to ensure the validity of test results. Because system checks can be provided to support the validation of testing, this is critical.

It’s sometimes argued by professionals that POC tests are the simplest and most inexpensive solution for drug testing requirements. These tests require too much time and the results can be unclear, leading to repeat abstract and testing analysis of outcomes.

Drug testing automation increases the efficiency of testing processes. The solution makes monitoring and chain of custody simple and reliable and enables reports to be kept with access to historical information for participants.

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